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The mysterious atmosphere of xi 'an

Date: 2013-11-16

Mobilization meeting grim
At about 12 noon, the team's ended the pep rally, then went to a restaurant.Unlike a few days ago, the team's players rarely laughter again, everyone is very serious, but from all determined look in the eyes can see, winning is the only goal.After lunch, we went to their room to rest, at 5 PM or so, they went to the hotel for tea, then came to the province.
In order to ensure the smooth arrived at the stadium, the team's ceri sheraton hotel has contacted BeiGuan police station, police station to arrange a number of police to maintain order outside the hotel.Traffic administration is also in the afternoon on the hotel near the road, to ensure that the team's smooth arrival.
Since yesterday morning, the gathered with dozens of fans outside the hotel, everyone is waiting for even if a player can get out of the hotel, but the probability is clearly smaller than the first prize in the lottery.At about 13, a dressed in national costume personnel out of the hotel, the fans began to "turmoil".But because do not know this person, all in each other, that is only an official, and somewhat disappointing.
Lippi has more than 10 bodyguards "escort"
14 when about 30 points, lippi, dressed in a dark blue suit, arrived at the sheraton hotel, he didn't arrive with constant big boss Mr Xu.Arrived at the hotel, evergrande has arranged a dozen security guards the repel and the fans inside the hotel lobby, even the hotel staff was stopped on the side.
Arranged into the hotel, the hotel has a 24-hour personal waiter forward in Italian and said hello to marcello lippi, after hearing the sounds, the Italian people stopped to have a brief talk with the waiter.About 50 points, 16 aboard a private jet to Mr Xu xian arrives at the hotel.Like marcello lippi, xu boss also dressed in a blue blazer, private parts is a beige pants.After you get off, Mr Xu smiled specially to fans waved aside, the lobby is not within the football association officials, but the leadership in the west AnHeng big ways.Slot arrived soon after, CAI zhenhua, deputy director of state general administration of sports and feasted him with lippi, celebrate the evergrande won the champions league.