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Asia Pacific hotel design BBS tour will be held in xi 'an on June 30

Date: 2014-06-30

The event was hosted by Asia Pacific hotel design association of shaanxi branch, BBS invited international famous hotel designer, the SRSS architects director Mr Su Renhao, Asia Pacific hotel design association expert committee, international top flower art master LingZongChong contemporary famous architect, Sir, the international association of architects and the bay area, xian building university of science and technology building, director of the architectural heritage group dean professor liu and complete by the union of urbanization development committee, Mr Asia Pacific hotel association executive committee to design a guest speaker. Construction planning and design of the hotel and display art wonderful aspects such as the theme of the speech.
In the afternoon, the theme of the BBS link more joined the liberal arts college party in xian sheng, a professor at the famous poet, literary critic, Mr Madfrog environmental art department of xi 'an academy of fine arts professor waley and President of Asia Pacific hotel design association of shaanxi branch, Mr Square and other important guests; Join together in the scene interaction, architectural planning, interior design and display art and different majors from the international trend to regional culture, from traditional to contemporary design, how to "and but different" launched a special discussion. You will master and guests from different angles discusses their respective point of view, and must be produced an updated design idea and concept. Organizers will throughout the academic exchange activities arrangement is unusually brilliant.
Asia Pacific hotel design association of shaanxi branch was set up in the past two years, to promote and improve the level of the region's interior design for the purpose, through continuous conducting various forms of academic exchange activities, service for the general designer, has become the region's dynamic professional academic organization. The academic activities is the association since August 2013, successfully held the "peak" found seton hall "the hotel design BBS > later, once again held in xi 'an region have higher professional level design academic event, will certainly to shaanxi province development of interior design adds a brilliant colour.