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Xi 'an star hotel to find new ways to promote business

Date: 2014-09-25

Many hotels in xian to a variety of promoting the development mode of operation, laundry room began to open, not just business set each of the prices are lower than 50 yuan, scriptorium are also beginning to price cuts for lease launch of the night, even the World Cup set low price is very attractive.
At noon yesterday, the reporter comes to wild goose northern Lucian hotel, reporter saw at the billboard of the four-star hotel, the hotel recently launched a laundry service. In the laundry room on the second floor underground, is laundry operations staff, told reporters recently, laundry room began to open, general 10 o 'clock in the morning on the day the cleaners can take 6 PM, after 10 o 'clock at 6 p.m. the day after the laundry. To speed up the washing 4 hours advisable, need to charge 50% to speed up. The reporter sees in the laundry list, star hotel laundry quotation, if not see, may be a lot of people don't believe it dry cleaning is so preferential price. Top 10 yuan, trousers with long price only 10 yuan, cotton-padded clothes three sofa sets of 25 yuan, 20 yuan...
Subsequently, the reporter comes to 4 floor restaurant, where recent launch of the morning meal, category, all types, low prices. Each of the 48 yuan, 58 yuan package has 3 kinds, each divided into paragraphs A and B. Reporter observed on the menu, each meal, meat, seafood, soups, snacks are match together. In paragraphs one business plan B: mix black fungus, the west lake beef soup, celery, onion was scrambled LaWei, stir-fried small pond vegetables, eggs, Fried rice with five kinds of a total of 48 yuan. Really is a five-star enjoy, civilian price.