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Vacation home in xi 'an is wonderful

Date: 2015-09-30

Qin, henan opera has been innovating, dance, vocal, sketch, variety show, and the children's favorite play. The reporter learns yesterday, during the National Day National Day of xi 'an cultural performances week 2015 games will be held in zhuhai and xi 'an children's art festival, many cultural and artistic performance groups gathered in the palace national park, will bring "house" in xi 'an citizens multichannel cultural feast, let you golden week seven days without having to travel can also fascinating.
2015 National Day of xi 'an cultural performances week and xian children's art festival, sponsored by bureau of xi "an Wen Guangxin and qujiang newly developed area management committee, 1 solstice 7 at 10:30 in the morning, afternoon 13:30, every day in the palace national park crowd big stage two performances. Actors have said accepting a reporter to interview, will take out a row of the troupes and newest and most classic representative repertory, audiences to give citizens a seven day doesn't end.
1, xi 'an public arts in the morning will lead to xi 'an the stars award winning entries performance; 1 PM is performed by xi 'an datang Qin Jutuan qinqiang opera "YuanMen chop son". 2, xi 'an qinqiang opera theater will be more performances qin classical selected, in the afternoon by xi 'an datang Qin Jutuan qinqiang opera performance, five typical slope after this. 3, xi 'an YuJuTuan will bring two henan opera has been innovating the cool breeze pavilion "and" the golden dawn ", among them "the golden dawn" in shaanxi province after the seventh festival last year have been high praise, the fans don't want to miss the opportunity. 4, will perform a number of gaoling troupe qinqiang opera adaptation, including "hit town Taiwan" "don't kiln" set meal "behead breteler mm etc. 5, by xi 'an little swan group of children on singing and dancing, believe that the children of the tong zhen tong qu also can bring you laughter. 6 by the zhouzhi county troupe performances "catch driving" "ghost cause" "don't kiln" similar "qinqiang opera adaptation, etc. 7 is the xi 'an drama institute special variety show.
Xi 'an children's festival for children in the city has many excellent play. 1 solstice 4 day 15:30, bei yuan theater will show the rabbit and the gun "kung fu panda," Tom and jerry "kitten fishing" and so on. Every day at 10:30 in the morning and afternoon 4 to 6 PM, children's art theatre in xian will be on the palace theater "small avanty legend" the hanhao bird mess rob close etc.